Friday, December 14, 2012

Phineas and Ferb card for boys birthday. The bad guys are pears from Preserves, the helicopter is from Beep Beep

                                                                          Agent P is his theme.
The cuts are from Suburbia (hat), Funny Faces (eyes), Birthday Bash (tail and arms) Disney and Friends (feet) Formal Occasion (body), Garden Soup (bottom lip), Live Simply butterfly6-s (upper lip).
                                                     My Christmas Handout Cards

This card is from the Holiday 2012 Cricut catalog a big thank you to the original author (I will enter later when I find my catalog). Using my Imagine, Santa's Village, Vintage Papers and the directions given I was able to replicate this wonderful card. Somewhat easy to mass produce (I gave up at 10 cards) although I am hand delivering these I am worried about them getting wet in the mail.

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