Saturday, April 27, 2013

LOAD513 starts May 1st and Lain Ehmann has this wheel that she uses to help her get motivated so I thought I would give it a try she has an extra pc that she uses for surprise items I figure I could just spin again if I get a repeat # or I'll figure something out. This is great, she has a Spreecast every month that she does 3 layouts (uses a timer 30 min) while we watch or you could scrap along with her. I am now ready to do that anytime. Check her out on You Tube, her blog or Spreecast. It's fun!
These are her titles but you could change it up to match what you are doing.
Titles: Back to school, Travel Mishaps, Fave things, Make me Go Away, Pet Peeves, Then and now, scrap your son or daughter
Techniques: Embossing, Stamping, Tearing, Die Cutting, Inking/distressing, Create Background Paper, All Scraps.
Journaling: List, quote, song lyrics, paper strips, computer generated, hiku , lettering
Embellishments: Buttons, Brads, Washi, Stickers, Border, Tags, Bling
Extra Challenge: Product packaging, Monochrome, Use only paper, paints & inks, vellum or transparency, scraps and Pull something from the "fun" bag.

I used my Silhouette for the pie chart (1/2 price sale) laminated both items and figured I would put them together so I would keep track of them. (should have just laminated them together).  I should start posting some layouts soon now that the mini wedding album is finished ( drying at this moment cause I can't stop adding things I will see her next weekend to give it to her.) Fingers crossed she likes it and if she doesn't mind I can post more pics of the finished project on here.


  1. How do you like using your spinner? :)) :)) looks like it would be fun @ a crop. :))


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