Monday, May 6, 2013

Can YOU COUNT HOW MANY EYES? (open or closed)

Disclaimer: Participents in this photo are not eligible for the prize!...because there is no real prize only the entertainment value of the layout!

What started out an easy peezy layout ....well I got started and just kept going  and going ... I used Unity Stamps for the camera, the pennant, the #'s, ?'s, and the phrase, oh and the ledger paper free when you spend $25 (not saying how much free paper I have).
I tried not to clutter the layout but I wanted the blue background to bring out the blue in the photo and to bring you to the top of photo I put the banner ( don't think I've ever used a banner before). I couldn't find my clear glue (picking up on a theme yet?) so I will fix that when I do.
Hope you enjoy this one.....You know I did.

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