Saturday, May 25, 2013

I love these pictures of my siblings but I failed miserably with the layout. It's too boxy and blah....
Oh well you can't get em all, right?....
The prompt was self defense so IN MY DEFENSE I started out with a plan and then went to babysit for awhile and came back to finish but I can't so.... 
I will let it sit for awhile and maybe repost an  update. 
The top pic is from Halloween, she had the chicken pox and was miserable (I have a pic of it but couldn't find it). The next pic is at Christmas and my brother with his BB gun. 
The bottom pic is from Easter.
The journaling circle is from Unity Stamp Co. and the paper is from Recollections I think. 
I think using old photos is tough. 

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  1. Awww, I don't like when a challenge is discouraging !! I think it's great that you have used old pics!! It's hard, but that's what makes it a challenge, right?? :) :) :)


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