Saturday, May 11, 2013


Do I have your attention? 
More fun with Layout A Day!
I'm not giving out information on my lustful thoughts, a girl has to have some I thought I'd give my husband a hard time today!

The man lives and breaths the Cash Explosion Show...wants to be a contestant soooooo bad and I wouldn't mind it at all.  The lottery has been pretty good to us over the years. He has hit some nice prizes in the past...some I'm sure I didn't find out abou, the last winnings he hit $500 a couple of days after I ordered my Silhouette....and he hit a five figure ticket a couple of years ago that helped build a deck(actually my son and a few friends built it)  around the above ground 24 ft pool (it fills our yard up pretty nice has room for a 10 by 10 gazebo in one corner and a cabana to house all the furniture and pool stuff. The old deck was terrible and the yard is on an incline and we hate to cut grass....anyway back to the lottery.
Every Saturday he watches it in his man is always quiet, so I know then that the ticket he has entered hasn't gotten him in that week but he perseveres. Sometimes we watch together and get a kick out of the peopleand how they react and what they say they will do with the money. My favorite is "Give it to my Wife" we have agreed that is what he is going to say..LOL

  On my layout I superimposed his pic into the show's banner with my Silhouette, it was super easy, printed out the sayings and put stickles on the What my husband lusts for. This one was fun but has taken me most of the day(mostly because of computer skills or lack of) to think of. I am so glad I signed up for this challenge to get me motivated, but it has taken a toll on my housekeeping duties. Like I needed an excuse!!!!!

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