Sunday, May 12, 2013

Moments They Change You!


This post is going back in time, the prompt from LOAD513 (layoutaday dot com) is the movie "The Usual Suspects"
My post goes back to when my son was baptised and on hand were the usual "Suspects" family
 Top right my sister, Dad, Mom, my son, Grandma (who has passed) and brother. The left top my Aunt, grandma, cousins and SIL with her back to you. The next photo is FIL 
(who has passed)
, cousin, Mom and Aunt Peg (who also has passed). These photos were scanned into my printer so they aren't great but the actual Polaroids are tucked into a pocket. The stamps are from Unity Stamp Company, the Paper pack is from Memory Makers Eliza from 2007,it has stickers and the tabs I used for the Polaroid, I had to have gotten this a yard sale. I used seam binding and some metal tags.
Of course this is Jaime my baby boy.
His name is James but I saw this spelling on tv one time and I liked it, so that is how I spelled it.
I got so used to spelling it that way, my son, when he was going on a cruise to propose to his now wife, he had to change his birth certificate (back then you didn't have to apply for it right away) so years later... thank goodness they got their passports early...the stupid things you do.

I think this turned out nicely and thank you for taking time to share my memories.

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  1. It's nice that you are getting to document your history! I love old pics!! :)) I like the patterned paper -- really helps to brighten up a page. :))


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