Friday, May 17, 2013

Sorry this is blurry but I just thought I would post this quick, I'm going to meet family in a nearby town for lunch and to do a pick up. My mother is coming to visit for a little while to see the new little one her thirteenth great grandchild. She is also here for the eldest's grandchild 11th birthday (where does the time go). Alyssa is in three of the pics in the layout one is she is getting a pedicure from her Aunt. Isn't the pic of Callie with her eye mask on and the bubbles. I am so glad I decided to do Layout a day, I have finished 17 layouts and have at least 10 in the process of finishing. This is so much fun. I have to start making cards though because I miss it and I am running out of stash cards. Se you later!

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  1. It's amazing how much you are getting done! Keep up the good work!! :) :) You are so lucky to have all of those generations in one room!!! :) :) Have a GREAT visit!!!


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