Thursday, May 30, 2013

Today's prompt was weapon or pipe (she has a good set of lungs (pipes) so I guess it fits) I have been working on this a few weeks and today it all came together. I used Unity Stamps for the "so very beautiful" (from Moment by Moment) and the Calendar (from Smak Sept 2012) The letters I used an old paper pack...there is a tag for journaling in a pocket....These are pics from 2011 my daughters third baby (I am sorta working backwards) and that is my mother holding her at the hospital shortly after she was born. I have one more set of baby pics to do and I will be caught up until the next one comes along ...I think they are all about done but who knows anything can happen.

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  1. So sweet!! Sorry I've missed some of your posts. Migraines are really rough. I love all the baby pics you are doing! Makes me want to work on mine!


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