Sunday, November 2, 2014

More LOAD1014

The above is day 31 of Load1014, pics are from a visit to Cedar Point. The bottom pic is from a visit to a local water park.

 The above photo is from Delaney's Princess Castle Birthday and the bottom pic is of my mom and her newest addition to our ever growing family.
This pic is of Ce Ce eating doughnuts in the car and the below pic is of course pumpkin carving.

The above pic of Cole and Maddy's a visit to the pumpkin patch and the pic below is Callie and Laney in 2012

Camping pics of this summer and below Trick or Treat with Alyssa Callie Laney and CeCe.

This is Trick or Treat with Cole and Maddy. 
The below pic is of my daughter and her husband on their anniversary.

 Pics of Callie and her birthday cake her mom made. The below pic is of our visit to the pumpkin patch.

 Going way back is my son's graduation pics and one of his favorite sports back then.

 Grandsons pics of a birthday party and below the layout from a prompt that was given. 

Ce Ce's first birthday party.

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