Wednesday, February 11, 2015

"First and Ten"
February Load
(still in football mode)

Load1... My eldest grandchild on a typical Sunday and her favorite book.

Sleeping Laney she can sleep in the oddest places one is the kitchen counter.

Load7:My son and daughter at Disneyworld many years ago
Load4: My cutie pie daughter and her favorite food at the time

Load6: My son and his bike accident.

Load9: Our day at Disney Frozen on Ice.

Load5: The prompt was three colors and I just had to scrap these photos of her at her gymnastics meet.

Load3:Cole and Maddy reading and eating ice cream last year.

Load10: My daughter getting her beauty sleep.
Load8: The prompt a book title that would describe your life. I chose Thinner by Stephen King.

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